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Building Your Personal Brand in Your Industry using Social Media

Promote Yourself, Your Career, Your Business like a Celebrity in "Your Chosen Industry using Technology & Social Media".  We give you all the tools, coaching and support to be your own PR, Marketing, Image and Brand Manager to get you to your Personal, Profesional and/or Profit Target.

Target You

Technology Expresso is a group of IT industry veterans who are passionate about their profession and want to give others who don't have real world experience this unique opportunity to quickly gain experience through a simulated internship, prepare for the real world of work, and become a part of this dynamic career field. 

  • Get coaching from industry professionals with 20+ years IT experience  field
  • Go through the self promotion, marketing and branding boatcamp
  • Increase your competitiveness within their field, industry or market through Branding and Promoting your image.


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Tech Expresso on Blog Talk Radio

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