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Welcome to the virtual campus of Church Leadership Center (CLC), a “high-touch” and “friendly-tech” approach to ministry education for church lay leaders. This is a non-schooling, contextually relevant, mentor-facilitated, and seriously intensive and intentional approach to equipping church leaders.

Courses are flexibly structured so as to be accessible to and respectful of all adults regardless of academic background or cultural connections. The learning resources on this site are designed to support:continuing education units (CEUs) and certification,
 - online learner portfolios,
 - social networking,
 - course design that reflects adult,
 - non-formal educational theory,
 - relational methodologies, and
 - mentor and facilitator orientation and training.

Each course has specific pages for announcements, class sessions, class list and additional resources. Class session pages include topics, assignments, discussion forum, and resources.

To select a specific course, click on the "Courses" menu drop-down in the upper left corner of this page.

Your personal e-portfolio is in the upper right side of the web page that you see upon logging in. To develop your e-portfolio, begin by clicking on "My Portfolio,"

Portfolios are used to provide evidence of competencies. For pastoral candidates, there are typically ten areas of competency. Candidates build their portfolios with representative documents that support their preparedness in designated areas. For more information about portfolios in general, click here.

Your personal e-portfolio can be accessed by going to the upper right side of the page that you see upon logging in. To develop you e-portfolio, begin by clicking on "My Portfolio,"

Next, click on the "Information" tab. Briefly, in 2 - 4 paragraphs, identify a few things about yourself such as your family, special interests, education and ministry background, what God may be calling you to do in the future, and the kind of documents that can be found in your portfolio.

Then click on the "Categories" tab. We have created categories that are typical for most candidates (e.g., Maturity of Faith, Personal Integrity, Old and New Testament, Reformed Theology, Church History, Constitution of the RCA, Sacraments, Preaching, Pastoral Ethics and Practices, Worship, Children, Youth, Adult, Outreach, Discipleship, and Other). You may add additional categories if you like.

You are now ready to upload documents. Click on the "My Portfolio" tab. Immediately under and slightly to the right of the "My Portfolio" tab is the word, "Files." Click on "Files" and then on "ADD NEW FILE." Note that Word (.doc or .docx) and pdf formats are preferred. Do not upload audio or video files. Instead, provide a link to a service such as YouTube.

This will bring you to the "File" page. Enter the "Title" for the file that you are about to upload. Then select a "Category" for the file.

After that, click on "Choose File." It is easiest if you put the file that you want to upload on your desktop. Click on the file to be uploaded. In the "Content" box, write a one sentence description of the file being uploaded. Then click, "SAVE CHANGES."

That's it. You're done. The file has been saved, categorized, and you have given evidence of the accomplishment of a competency. Congratulations!

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