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NHappy Groupot everyone needs to go to college (or has the money or time). If you are more interested in learning skills that will contribute to your success, then our online learning programs may be just what you need. Our instructors all have years of experience doing what they teach. No academic nonsense that can't be applied is permitted in our programs. You receive only hands-on, practical instruction that you can use to be more successful, and (even though it may sound a little hokey) live the life of your dreams!

Collaboration with NC State University's Office of Professional Development

SelectFor more than 10 years, we have been providing a Project Management Certificate series of courses through NC State University! Now we are offering those same programs online. You can actually get your certificate entirely online or in combination with live seminars. To learn more about the program you can view our "course" on the New Certificate Program, or you can go to to learn more and to register for either live or online courses. To download a free paper on selecting a training program, click this link: Download