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Don't violate state requirements and compromise your ability to work by putting off your classes. Stay enrolled in WECA's Electrician Trainee program. WECA has a full schedule of courses available; some highlights include:

Get Wired! 101, starting 10-28-14

Get Wired! 102, starting 10-7-14

Get Wired! 103, starting 10-22-14

Get Wired! 104, starting 10-6-14

Get Wired! 201, starting 11-3-14

Get Wired! 202, check back soon

Get Wired! 203, starting 11-5-14

Get Wired! 204, starting 11-6-14

Get Wired! 301, starting 10-4-14

Get Wired! 302, check back soon

Get Wired! 303, starting 10-29-14

Get Wired! 304, starting 10-23-14

Get Wired! 401, starting 10-14-14

Get Wired! 402, starting 10-13-14

Get Wired! 403, starting 11-11-14

Get Wired! 404, starting 10-20-14

Basic Motor Controls Part 1, starting 12-6-14 at our Sacramento Region facility

Basic Motor Controls Part 2, starting 1-10-15 at our Sacramento Region facility

These and the rest of the courses in the Get Wired! series are offered in September and beyond-- Learn more and enroll in your next course today!

Are you thinking of taking the certification exam soon? It's more difficult than it used to be, and failure rates are high. WECA offers two different exam preparation courses to help you prepare to pass the exam. Get Wired! 404 is our 42-hour Exam Prep course, and it's an instructor-led, entirely online course. Two-Day Exam Prep is our fast-paced classroom course, held frequently on weekends at our Sacramento Region and San Diego locations. Learn more about our exam prep courses and choose the one that's the best fit for you.