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G & A numerical is a UK based provider of maths and statistics tuition. We specialise in preparing students for both the QTS numeracy exam (for student teachers based in England) and the AP Statistics exam (for high school students from the United States). Scroll down the page or take a look at our site tour to see what we have to offer. We also have a website

QTS Numeracy Revision Workshop (Face to Face):

University of West London – Sat 17 May 2014 [10:00-15:00]

This is a FIVE hour QTS revision class where participants receive tuition in the key topics required to pass the QTS Numeracy test including mental arithmetic at speed, fractions, percentages, decimals, time, conversions (currency and distance), ratio and lots more. Statistical and general arithmetic questions are also discussed during the course. After the class participants are given access to our QTS Numeracy Essentials e-learning site (worth £29.99) which offers access to extra practice tests with solutions and online tutor support via a dedicated help forum.

What can you expect from a revision class with us? View the video below to find out

Try our free YouTube demonstrations videos:

QTS Numeracy Test Registration for 2014/15 applicants:
The skills tests are NOT changing for applicants in the 2014/15 cohort.
The DfE announced on October 25th 2013 that they would not be bringing in new style skills tests. This DfE webpage has the most current information on test content and booking information.
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Copyright information

Inspiration for the content of our test questions is from the Department for Education online practice tests for which acknowledgement is hereby given.
Our resources are for individual use only and no sharing of user accounts is permitted. Reproduction of our materials for resale or sharing with others is strictly prohibited. Schools, colleges and ITT providers may purchase access to our material for groups of students at a discounted price compared to the individual cost. Contact us for more details.


Available Courses

  • If you have failed a QTS test or have not practiced maths for some time this is the course for you.

    • Offers 3 mental arithmetic and 2 full mock exams all in timed conditions to match the real test.
    • Answers are entered on-screen and results with worked solutions are displayed immediately so that you can work on your weaker areas.
    • Students’ forum area where you can ask any questions and view responses to other students’ questions.
    • View demo videos on a range of QTS test topics

    Access is granted for a period of 4 months.

    Comment from course participant Naar 5th April 2013 after passing QTS Numeracy:
    A very big thank you for all your help and support. When I purchased the package which is a combination of mental and calculator questions, I didn’t realize that you would keep in touch and respond to the tasks I attempted by giving me personal advice. I practiced and practiced and you were very encouraging until the final hours before my test. Your tips were invaluable and I hope everyone purchases this material. Thank you Andy, you were a great help!

  • A set of 10 timed mental arithmetic tests suitable for everyone who needs to pass the QTS tests.
    • Each test has 12 mental arithmetic questions that are read twice.
    • Options to take tests with 25% extra time between questions.
    • Options to take tests with an on-screen script.
    • Solutions videos that show the workings and short cut methods.
    • Bonus: 2 sets of 12 timed questions on money and conversions (Euros to £, Kilometres to Miles, Metres to Feet) Access is granted for a period of 4 months.

    Access is granted for a period of 4 months.

    • This 'course site' contains resources used in our face-to-face QTS Numeracy workshop.

      Access is granted for a period of 4 months.

    • Your one-stop shop for Advanced Placement Statistics exam preparation. Take practice tests, ask questions and get tutor support. The cost of £30 is roughly equivalent to $45 (US Dollars).

      AP Statistics Essentials
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