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Hallowsdale is a school created for those individuals who are interested in esoteric and occult studies. We seek to foster a vigorous, diverse learning environment shaped by contemporary awareness, intellectual inquiry, and a shared search for truth in which students gain knowledge and build skills and values useful in their spiritual and everyday development. Our Mission is to provide accessible, affordable,high-quality learning opportunities and degree programs that meet the diverse needs of individuals.

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In order to enroll in Hallowsdale's courses,You will need to provide information about yourself. It is essential that we have your FULL name,CORRECT e-mail address and phone number. If we are not provided with this your application will be rejected. ALL students must be 18 years of age to enroll.

*** Please copy and send the enrollment form to:











Why do you want to be a part of Hallowsdale?

Describe your spiritual background.

What are your spiritual/magickal interests?



Once you have completed your registration and sent it to the e-mail address listed above, please go to paypal and make your total payment of $70.00 ( $35.00 one time enrollment fee and $35.00 for your first month's tuition.) The e-mail addy you will use is The enrollment process cannot be completed until your tuition fees have been received.



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Knowledge Is Power!

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Today's Essential Oil

The Rose...

Different colors of roses are often used to express different sentiments. For instance, red roses are often gifted between lovers, or as a sign of general respect. Dark pink roses can be given as a thank you, or to show someone your appreciation. Light pink roses represent maidenhood, sympathy and appreciation. White roses symbolize reverence and innocence. Yellow roses can be given to a long-term friend, and also express happiness and joy. Orange roses show passion; gift to someone to show an actual desire or express deep excitement.

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Academy Of The Wise

All Hail And Welcome!

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Hallowsdale offers a broad range of courses for those who are either seekers or more advanced in their practice. Each course is self paced so that students can immerse themselves in their studies. Hallowsdale was created for women who are interested in furthering their knowledge in esoteric, pagan and occult studies. Our mission is to provide a strong foundation which will help to guide each student along their path. Our classes will deal with both the "shadow" and "light" of magick. You will need to be able to recognize and understand what each teaches and brings into your life. A quote that my mentor told me many years ago was ..."You have two hands, the left and the right. Learn to use them both."

Balance is the key...

The interaction within our Academy walls is enormous and facilitated through the use of forums and chat rooms. This allows our students to network with others of "like mind" in a supportive and safe environment. Our classes are taught at a pace that is right for the student and their level of experience. When you enroll at Hallowsdale, you will gain access to a vast amount of information and the sisterhood of others who are embarking on their journey. Our school is indeed a very magickal community. We also believe that your education should not be out of reach for you because of extremely high costs. It is very reasonable to set tuition and fees. They are needed to run the school and pay other costs that are ensued. Hallowsdale's goal is to give you a quality education. We are currently working on expanding the site and connecting the school to Facebook,Twitter,Tumbler and any other place in which seekers may find us.

Blessings Along Your Journey...

***Course Descriptions ***
In Order To View The Course Descriptions. Go to the top of the page and click the Department you want to view. Any courses that are in that department will show. Click on the it to read the description. Courses are being added weekly.

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Hallowsdale News

All Hail And Welcome!

The next Practical Magick In The Witches Tradition 101 class is upon us! All students who have completed and passed their PMTWT101 exams will take a much deserved break before going into PMTWT201. The 201 course is more hands on and has projects/reports that each student must complete in order to move forward. *A headset with a microphone is required.* Our PMTWT301 course has now opened it's doors to our sisters who have successfully completed PMTWT101 & 201. Congratulations on a job well done!

If you have any questions please send you e-mails to

Best Wytches!

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The Crafty Witch Series


Have you ever wanted to learn how to craft your own spell candles? Create your own potions, tinctures, oils, incense, teas, powders, infusions, decoctions? Well, our Crafty Witch Series is right down your alley! This is a wonderful class for individuals looking to gain more knowledge in the above mentioned areas. Don't miss out on this wonderful course!

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Herbology 101

herb garden

Are you curious about herbs and their uses? Learn about tinctures, infusions and so much more! Our affordable and convenient online self-paced program gives students with little or no herbal experience a glimpse into the world of herbs, kindling an enthusiasm for a lifelong path of learning.

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Crafting Your Own Spells

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What is the purpose of a spell?
How do I create one?
In the "Crafting Your Own Spell" course, you will not only learn about creating your own spells, you will learn about the various types of spells such as prosperity spells, love spells, banishing and binding spells, protection spells and so much more! Don't miss out on this wonderful course...

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Magick On The Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart and hearth of many households. Within the kitchen you can place your intent and will into every meal. Preparing things with your own hands gives meals a kind of "sacredness". Craft some magick into your food at it's most simple level. This is truly practical magick at it's best. You want to learn how to be a kitchen witch? There is no time limit to this course. You work at your own pace.

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