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National Algae Association's

Online Production Certification Course

The National Algae Association is the first non-profit algae production trade association in the U.S. that has the primary purpose to educate and assist students and algaepreneurs in commercial algae production. The National Algae Association's Online Algae Production and Certification Course will encompass the major components needed to introduce individuals to the multifaceted concepts of not only strain selection, cultivation, harvesting, and bioproduction methods; but also the economic considerations prevelent within the commercial algae production industry.

The NAA Algae Production and Certification Course is continuously evolving and will be updated on an annual basis covering the latest commercial algae production technologies and methods for students, algaepreneurs, algae farmers, algae enthusiasts, commercially-minded algae researchers and equipment providers.

The course will consist of:

  • A six to eight week timeframe.

  • A modulized self-paced program.

  • A total of five exams that must be mastered for NAA Certification.

  • Course access on a very limited basis throughout the year.

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Cost: $500 per person

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